Prize: 3K
24 DECEMBER 2024
10:00 AM
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The ESTRELLA of IIIT Lucknow
  • Team-size:4-6
  • Rounds: 3(Funtakshari, Suno Nahi Dekho, Unsuni Paheli)
  • Round 1(Funtakshiri):
  • It will be a classical Antakshiri round, i.e. teams during their turn, will have to come up with atleast 3 lines of a song starting with the letter left by the previous team.
  • Wait time is 5 secs, after which the turn will be passed onto the next team.
  • No participant can sing for their team for consecutive 3 turns.
  • This Round will continue for 45 mins irrespective of no. of turns per team.
  • Point system: +10 for correct song, -5 for a wrong one and no points(0) for a pass.
  • Round 2(Suno Nahi Dekho):
  • A video will be played with a mismatched audio and participants will have to guess and sing two lines of the song in the video ignoring the audio.
  • This is a buzzer round,i.e. the team which guesses first will have a chance to sing the song. 3. The turn will pass on to the next team on the buzzer if a team fails to start singing within 5 secs of the host's approval.
  • Points system: +20 for correct song on a direct turn, +10 on a passed one, and -10 for a wrong guess.
  • Round 3(Unsuni Paheli):
  • A riddle will be displayed and the team to guess the word right first will have to sing a song containing that word.
  • Each team will have their own turns 3 times and any number of passed turns.
  • After the riddle is displayed, the team will have 10 secs to guess the word and sing the song. 4. Teams don't have to disclose the riddle if they don't come up with the song, else it will be their fault if other teams gain points for singing the song with that word.
  • Points System: +30 for correct song on a direct turn, +20 for a passed turn, -15 for wrong guess/song. Bonus 5 points for just guessing the riddle only if no team's able to sing.
  • General Rules:
  • For each turn, atleast 3 lines of the song have to be sung to claim for the points.
  • More than 2 lyrical mistakes in a turn are not allowed.
  • All decisions regarding the validity and correctness of the song is at the discretion of the judges.