Prize: 3K
24 DECEMBER 2024
10:00 AM
Transform trash into treasure with your imagination and innovation. All you need is a creative mind and some discared materials.
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The utkrist of IIIT Lucknow
  • Participants will use trash to showcase their creativity. Tetra packs, bottles, newspapers, used kitchenware, jute fabric, or any other second-hand objects that would normally be thrown away might all be included.
  • If the item was not determined to be a waste product or used item, it would be rejected.
  • Participants will be evaluated on their originality, resourcefulness, aesthetic composition and design, eco-friendliness, product usability, and overall presentation.
  • Entries will be accepted only if the participants follow the social media handles of Utkrisht.
  • Entries will be featured on the Facebook/Instagram page of the society.
  • The winners will be decided on the basis of likes and comments on the post of the entries and by the judges. The decision will be considered final and abiding.
  • As confirmation that their submissions are original, participants must upload at least one image of themselves along with their submissions.